Sprinkler Guys Premier Service

Sprinkler Guys is pleased to offer 3 levels of irrigation service agreements to ensure your irrigation system is maintained properly.

  • Lock in pricing and avoid any price increases and surcharges
  • Extends the life of your irrigation system
  • Healthier grass and landscaping with timely adjustments and settings
  • Professional, experienced service technicians
  • Protection of your investment
  • Hassle-Free scheduling. We’ll call you to schedule start-up and winterization
  • Mid-season check-up and adjustment (w/ SILVER and GOLD packages)
  • 10% discount on parts( w/ SILVER and GOLD packages)
  • Priority scheduling of unscheduled service work (with GOLD Package)

A properly maintained and adjusted irrigation system can help conserve one of our most precious resources – water. Sprinkler Guys services all brands, spring start-ups, repairs, winterizations, modifications. Annual service agreements are available so e-mail or call to get your service agreement.

Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement

1 year residential irrigation service agreement:

  • Signed service agreement and payment must be received by Sprinkler Guys, Inc. no later than March 31st for service agreement to be in effect. Otherwise all work will be billed at normal rates.
  • Spring start-up, winterization and summer check-ups include up to 1 hour of labor. If additional labor is needed beyond 1 hour is required for repairs it will be billed at the normal hourly rate labor rate. Non-warranty will be billed in addition.
  • Sprinkler Guys, Inc. will warranty all repairs performed under this service agreement for one year.
  • Sprinkler Guys, Inc. must perform all maintenance on the covered system in order for the warranty to remain in effect. Sprinkler Guys, Inc. will not be liable for any damages if the homeowner or anyone else performs maintenance, including start-up and winterization, on the system.
  • Prices shown are valid for systems with up to twelve (12) zones. Add $7.50 for each additional zone above 12.
  • If you have a Sprinkler Guys Irridrator self-draining irrigation system all prices shown are discounted by $80.00 if you choose to winterize you system yourself. note: Choosing this option will not void your lifetime limited freeze-proof warranty assuming the Sprinkler Guys written winterization instructions for our freeze-proof systems are followed.

Sprinkler Guys offer 3 levels of service agreements:

Available Service Options: Bronze Silver Gold
Spring Start-Up
Start up and check system, adjust heads and controller, make any needed repairs. Non-warranty parts may be additional.
Blow out the lines and shut down the system
Seasonal check-up (July/AUG)
Test system and check adjustment of heads and controller.
  X  X
Parts Discount
10% discount on all parts not covered under warranty. (Does not include Fertile Earth formula or Bobbex deer repellant).
  X X
Priority Service Scheduling
Guaranteed next business day response for unscheduled calls.